John Schooley has pursued his passion in painting.  Following a 30 plus year career in the advertising industry, John chose to retire and begin the second leg of his life in the arts.  

John is a self taught artist and has become proficient in the medium of watercolor.  He works from digital of conventional photography to create compositions including, but not limited to, floral, still life, landscapes, animals, buildings, portraits and southwestern scenery, among others.  His pallet is his forte while mastering depth, light and contrast in his paintings with a method crossing between realism and impressionism.  

John began his journey in Las Cruces, NM where he met his, now wife, Ali.  They opened a gallery and custom frame shop in Tubac, AZ, Cloud 9 Fine Art Gallery & Custom Framing, in the summer of 2013.  The summer of 2015 John and his wife relocated their gallery and custom frame shop to Sedona, AZ.  After a short period of time it was realized that Tubac was home, therefore they relocated back to Tubac.  

During the tenure in Sedona, they began framing for five of R.C. Gorman's galleries.  Subsequently, when the gallery & custom framing was relocated back to Tubac a partnership was developed and Cloud 9 teamed with R.C. Gorman to established a new venture bringing all that visit the true heart and soul of Art.  The partnership gallery is named,  R.C. Gorman Navajo Galleries & Cloud 9 Fine Art Gallery & Custom Framing.  

John's ultimate goal was to secure his own gallery.  This has since been recognized providing for  a sense of  accomplishment and rewards far exceeding all expectations.

Today, there is no greater reward for John than to see the emotional expressions on a viewer's face when they connect with one of his paintings.  "Concept and color are subjective; what the viewer feels,  priceless".